What RxO is

R×O is a new thinking of how database servers can be used.

It’s based on full and harmonious combination of object-oriented and relational possibilities. The problem has a great history. Now and here everybody can ascertain that this problem has a very simple solution.

R×O offers:

  • new kind of DBMS: “object model server”,
  • a simple, effective and flexible customer system,
  • evolution for both vendors and users.

Dear reader!

We are sure that you are full of doubts about the claims above. But we also sure that all the doubts will be broken if you acquaint yourself with the site content. It will take less than an hour of your time. Start with problem recalling and then go to the solution. If you have a questions be free to contact us or to leave your feedback.

The main aim of this site to inform everybody about the new possibilities. We are seeking for any collaboration.

Our mission is to fundamentally simplify information systems for all owners, users and developers


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